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Short description

Create and apply a source wavelet correction filter for full-waveform inversion of field data.


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Program description


The effective time history of the seismic source used in field recordings is not well known in most cases. This applies in particular to explosive sources and hammer blows. The so-called 'source-time-function' might even vary from shot to shot. For this reason it is not possible to use an appropriate source-time-function in the initial simulation of synthetic data in an approach of full-waveform inversion. However, after synthetic data have been calculated using a generic source-time-function, a correction filter can be constructed such that an improved source-time-function will reduce the misfit to the recorded data.

soutifu uses the software library trunk/src/libs/libstfinv and supports direct application to the algorithms in libstfinv to time series data files.


soutifu provides access to all engines implemented in libstfinv and supports all data file formats as implemented in libdatrwxx.


SOUTIFU   V1.2   inversion for source wavelet correction filter
usage: soutifu [-v] [-o] [-wc f] [-ws f] [--type f] [--Type f]
               [-add f] [-wa f]
               parameters data synthetics
   or: soutifu --help|-h
   or: soutifu --xhelp

$Id: 5342 2013-11-11 19:31:09Z tforb $

Calculate optimized source wavelet correction filter to
minimize misfit between recorded data and synthetic waveforms.

data         name of file containing recorded data
synthetics   name of file containing synthetic data
parameters   parameterstring to select STF engine
             The string consists of an ID selecting one of the
             available engines and a set of options an parameters
             to be passed to this engine.

-v           be verbose
-DEBUG=level produce debug output at level "level"
-o           overwrite existing output files
--type f     use file format type "f" for file input
--Type f     use file format type "f" for file output
             if --Type is not used input and output format will
             be the same
-wc f        write convolved synthetics to file "f"
-ws f        write source wavelet correction filter 
             impulse response to file "f"
-add f       read additional time series to be convolved from file "f"
-wa f        write additional time series after convolved to file "f"

Upon input the consistency of recorded and synthetic data are
checked. For coordinates only receiver positions relative to
source coordinates are checked, not absolute locations.